“The List” Contest
Presented by: Brackish Waters & PURE

When:  Friday June 21st (Go Skateboarding Day) - Monday August 12th

No entry fee! Get out and Skate!!!!

Location: Anywhere you want to skate. There will be 13 skate spots in the book. You have to hit the spots to get the points.

Open to the public: All ages are welcome. This is a team event – 4 people maximum to a team (5 if your videographer will not be doing tricks to get points). All team members must sign the waiver (one waiver per team).

Pre-Registration: Teams must pre-register at Brackish or PURE before Wednesday June 19th by 8 p.m. (All team member signatures must be on the waiver, only 1 person needs to drop it off at the shop)

NOTE: Parent’s signature is required on the waiver for any rider under the age of 18.


  • OPENING PARTY: Truxton Skate Park Annapolis - June 21st 2019
    • Come start your 2019 GO SKATEBOARDING DAY with us! We will be kicking off the contest of the summer. We will be having mini contests with prizes!
  • HALF WAY POINT: Brackish Waters - Saturday July 20th 2019
  • END OF CONTEST: Monday August 12th 2019
    • All completed books must be brought to Brackish or PURE by 8p.m.
  • CLOSING PARTY: Tsunami Annapolis - August 25th 2019 7pm
    • Come join us for the closing party! We will be showing film from the contest as well as giving out awards! There will be food and the winning team & MVP will be announced!


  • All tricks will be judged by Brackish Waters & PURE Owners
  • You must film all your tricks to get the points. All film must be sent to skatethelist@gmail.com 
  • Under each trick, you must write down which team member did the trick and the date.
  • Each team can have no more than 4 people competing (5th person can only be the videographer).
  • The Harder, Faster, Stronger Section is where you pull out your biggest trick. Let’s see what you got! Also fail videos are always welcome! (There’s an award for best slam)
  • Books must be brought to the shop by Wednesday August 12th 2019 at 8 p.m.
  • Winning team will get $100 per person and prizes.
  • The person with the highest amount of points will get $100 and the MVP Award.