Our Story


I was born with a natural sense of adventure, spending most of my childhood playing outside. I developed a passion for outdoor sports, starting with soccer and lacrosse and venturing into more extreme activities like surfing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding or pretty much anything I could find. Fast forward to college and I was attending Marywood University while hitting the slopes a few times a week in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This is where I met the person that would forever change my life….


I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Growing up I always had an affinity for the water, learning new things, and adventure. The love of water got me into competitive diving and swimming. My competitive drive was off the charts, work and play were always at the top of my list. I’ve always been a natural soul searcher seeking adventure! I would soon find adventure and much more…

When worlds collide… 

We crossed paths through a mutual friend during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Kevin showed up in full leprechaun attire with his pet pig Master Bacon. Rachel was not impressed. At the end of the night Kevin asked Rachel out on a date and she said YES. To Kevin’s dismay he never heard from Rachel again for a full three months. Summer was rolling through, and Kevin was going home to Deale, Maryland for a weekend on the water.  He reached out to Rachel one last time. This time, Rachel’s sense of adventure was peaked. A weekend boating sounded like it could be fun. This was Rachel’s first trip to Maryland and she fell in love. Not only with the unique Maryland lifestyle but also with Kevin. A new adventure in life had begun.

Fast forward

A few years pass by and we have been loving our Maryland life. We decided to spend the rest of our lives together. The dog, the cat, husband, and wife were all one big happy family. Rachel was store manager of a very large store at the Outlets at National Harbor and life was good. One warm summer day while on vacation we were hitting some local surf shops in a beachside town and it sparked an idea…. How cool would it be to truly do something your passionate about as a job? Rachel’s strong retail background combined with Kevin’s surf/ski/skate experience could make their new dream come true. Then it happened, Rachel’s corporate retail store was going through some big changes, and we decided this was our shot.


The Creation of Brackish Waters

We wanted to create a brand that reflected our lifestyle: adventurous, outdoorsy, and enjoying life. We wanted to share our passion for the surf, skate, and snow communities with other likeminded people.  Now we just needed a name that reflects the Southern Maryland lifestyle. The name needed to relate to us and our customers. Something local…something bay related…BRACKISH WATERS (mix of fresh & salt water).

We had made up our minds to put all we had into our new adventure, but where? We decided to pick an area that we know and love, Southern Maryland. We picked Calvert County to have our physical location. We just love the sense of community, the willingness to support local business, and the surroundings by the Chesapeake Bay on one side, and the Patuxent River on the other.  What better place could there be? People in the area embrace adventure and love all that is outdoors. 



Brackish Waters officially opened its doors on May 20th, 2017 in beautiful Prince Frederick Maryland. Since then we have been enjoying our customers, community and #brackishadventures.