Bones STF Enzo Beerus V5 99A Wheels | White

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Product Details:

  • Enzo Beerus V5 STF 53mm 99a White Skateboard Wheels from Bones.
  • Signature Enzo Cautela pro model.
  • Rocket ship graphics.
  • V5 sidecut shape.
  • Street Tech Formula for reduced flat spots.
  • Designed for longer grinds and better stability.
  • 53mm size.
  • 99a durometer hardness rating.
  • High rebound for speed.
  • UV protected.
  • Set of four Bones wheels.
  • 100% urethane.


The Enzo Beerus Bones 53mm 99a skateboard wheels come in a white colorway with rocket ship graphics on the side. They've been designed with STF (Street Tech Formula) for more stability and less flat spots, and V5 shape, which is light, versatile, and provides less side drag.